I’m New

You are very welcome to join with us at our Sunday Services or other events.

What time are the Services on Sunday?

11:30 am and 6:30 pm except July and August when they are at 11:am and 7:00 pm.

There is a welcome at the door, you will receive an Order of Service (giving you an overview of the praise, prayers and Bible passage and a few key announcements). You may sit anywhere you choose in the building. There are no reserved seats!

There is a wheelchair friendly ramp at the side door and two wheelchair spaces incorporated into the seating on the ground floor.

What happens in a service?

We aim to make each service relaxed and simple to follow. Praise and the teaching of the Bible make up a big part, accompanied by prayer and a time for the children. No one is asked to do anything without prior arrangement, so you can simply relax.

The words of each praise song are displayed on the two screens at the front, as are pictures or video clips from time to time, so that you can follow along. Hymn and Praise Books and Bible are placed in front of your seat if you wish to use them.

After the final praise, we remain standing for a prayer of blessing.

The service lasts approximately 70 minutes.

How do people dress?

People dress as they wish, so just come as you are. Some dress casually and other a bit more formally. Both are fine.

Where can I park?

There is a large car park behind the church building. You can enter the building from the side or the front.

What about my family?

If you have a baby or young children, and you don’t think they can sit through the service easily, there is a Crèche (for pre-school children) in the church hall which operates prior to morning service where you can leave your baby or toddler, or if you wish, you can stay there with him/her. There is a Children’s Church in the main hall. Children leave after their story about 20 minutes through the service to engage in Bible stories and related crafts and are looked after until their parents collect them again from the hall at the end of the service.

Toilet facilities are situated in the church halls.

Do I need any money?

An offering is taken up during the service, but there is no obligation to give anything. We call it a ‘free will offering’.

Tea or Coffee?

Once a month, after morning service, everyone is welcome to go to the church hall for refreshments and a chat before making their way home. It is a good opportunity to speak to someone new.